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5 Steps to Paddle Safety

We compiled 5 steps to paddle safely in our waterways! If you're unsure of what and how to access the water then these steps are for you. Going paddling where ever it may be does involve some risk, if you plan you can reduce the impact of those risks.

As with any paddling, whether you are on your own or with a group, it's all about managing the risks and making good decisions. So if you're thinking of going paddling, then check out our list ...

~ There are so many different types of personal floatation devices to consider depending your craft of choice. Head to a local watersports shop and ask the experts. Our local is @southcoastcanoes!

~ It's always a great idea to carry a means of communication in case of an emergency, or just to simply let others know you've returned back to shore safely. Most importantly make sure it's in a waterproof case.

The weather can change on a dime, be prepared for it. Take extra kit if needed, change your route if it best suits the weather. Plan ahead. Carry a blizzard blanket, or extra clothes if you're going on a longer journey. You'll thank yourself for that extra beanie packed.

No matter if the venue is new, or you've paddled it a 100 times. Always treat it as the first time and, it'll make it easier for you to judge if any risks are higher than ideal. Ask the locals, ask the RNLI, lifeguards, coastguards if any new hazards are around.

ETA are there for a reason. Conditions change, your situation can change in an instant. If you have the means of communication let others know so, things can be put in motion to help you.

See you out there soon!!!

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