SUP Sheltered Water Award


The Stand Up Paddleboard Sheltered Water Award will give you an understanding of how to plan and paddle an enjoyable and safe trip on a Stand Up Paddleboard. You will be able to journey in water that is no more than 200 metres from the shore and up to force 3 winds.

In order to have an enjoyable day out on the water we need to make some key decisions to ensure we are in the right place at the right time. You will consider the weather, wind and water conditions. As these, along with any waterway restrictions, may affect where and when we paddle. In addition, you will consider the personal protective equipment available and choose the most suitable to keep you safe on the water.

When paddling SUP you need to be in control. This award will develop a range of skills and knowledge to get you safely through your journey. Balance and control of the board is important. You will learn the correct feet, body positioning and strokes required to keep you balanced. This can be whilst moving forwards or whilst steering the board. You will also need to know how to rescue yourself or another paddler using a SUP should they, or you, get into difficulty.

This course is tailored around you and dictated by your own personal goals.


What's Included?

You will receive:

  • Tailored training and support
  • Two (2) days of training
  • Relevant equipment and craft if required


Check schedule for availability


£120.00 per person